HiTen has created the best business model for steel building component suppliers, with little or no start-up fees.

Our business model is simple. HiTen charges participating suppliers a small transaction fee based on the invoiced amount to HiTen’s distributors. This win-win business model has helped make HiTen Buildings the most preferred steel-building supplier with the largest supplier network in the steel building industry.

Supplier Benefits:

Accuracy – All supplier fees are applied accurately into HiTen’s software, including short cutting fees, consolidation fees and delivery fees.

No mark-up on materials – There’s no mark-up on participating manufacturer’s materials, giving the HiTen distributor (and the manufacturer) the best chance to make sales and grow their businesses together.

Electronic Data Interchange – HiTen offers EDI to member roll forming companies to reduce errors caused during order entry by human input. Distributor orders can be sent directly into the manufacturers ERP system, and then into the roll forming machines, reducing the need for human intervention and margin erosion.

New customers – HiTen distributors are your customers. Our distributors are independent businesses (not franchises) and are free to buy-direct from the suppliers they want to work and grow with.

Reporting abilities – HiTen suppliers can login and generate reports to see their customer’s quote and order activities. This gives our HiTen suppliers with the ability to better forecast sales and, when necessary, apply a discount to a preferred customer’s rates.

Reduce conflicts of interest – Some roll forming companies own shed or steel building franchises that compete with independent builders and resellers, which can strangle new business opportunities. Participating manufacturers can offer HiTen as a tool to recruit new customers with the ability to design and order steel building materials factory-direct, reducing the conflict of competing with potential new customers.

Accurate bill of materials – HiTen’s state-of-the-art design and order management software is the most comprehensive and accurate steel building design system available. All supplier fees are applied accurately into the software, including the bill of materials, consolidation of materials and deliveries to the job site.

Reduced costs – HiTen and its technology partner, ACT Building Systems, manage and continuously update the engineering and design software so that you don’t have to. We provide a full-service solution including software, training, support, drafting, and engineering sign off. Roll formers can re-focus on the core business of manufacturing steel materials, rather than investing and managing engineering and IT services.