HiTen has designed its buildings to be installer friendly. We are constantly adding improvements to our engineering and software based on our installer’s recommendations.


  • End wall sheets are placed on top of the sheeting pile, so you don’t waste time looking for them amongst the roof and side wall sheets.
  • Choose your preference from top hat designs or Z purlin and girt designs. Work with the HiTen distributor to standardise your preference.
  • Select between a bolt-thru connection or a thru-fastener connection for purlins and girts.
  • Choose from cast-in, chemset or bolt down anchor bolt bracketry to best suit your building preference.
  • Construction packages can be emailed to you instantly (at the quote or order stage) giving you the ability to accurately quote the installation every time.
  • Custom changes to a design can be exported back into the construction package so that the installer doesn’t need a to search for changes in a second set of drawings.
  • HiTen’s engineering utilises the sheeting’s rigid properties as diaphragm bracing so that less X bracing is required.
  • Choose your preference to pre-cut the girts with framed openings or choose to the girts to be continuous for field cutting the openings.
  • Most of HiTen’s participating roll former suppliers are connected to HiTen through EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) reducing errors such as steel packages arriving to the job site with nil or incorrect fasteners or bracketry. Get in and off the jobs site on time and on budget.
  • Find new business opportunities and create long-term relationships with our HiTen distributors.