Benefits with HiTen by your side..

We provide HiTen members with the latest, cutting-edge technology to design and order-manage steel building packages.  We provide our agents with the ability to work for themselves by selling and building cold formed steel buildings.

Key Features:

Design Functionality – Ability to custom design all shed designs plus the ability to choose how you want to build it.  Choose between tek-screwed or bolted purlins and girts, flush or bypass endwall girts, moment frames or X bracing, cast-in brackets or bolt-down, continuous span purlins or simple span purlins, cut the girts for openings or field locate the openings, and much, much more!

EDI Integration – HiTen provides integration with our core suppliers.  Your bill of materials can be sent electronically into the manufacturers ERP system, then directly into the roll forming machines, reducing errors caused by human interface.

Customised Price Files – Add your own accessories and local suppliers and build your customised price file.

BOM Editing – View and edit your Bill of Materials at the quote stage or order stage.

Custom Engineering – HiTen provides sign-off engineering for all states and territories through our partner, Shed Engineering.  Shed Engineering has three full-time cold formed steel engineers, and they can handle the most complex steel solutions.

Shed Safe – ACT’s engineering has been audited and accredited by the Australian Steel Institute’s Shed Safe division.  Shed Safe accreditation means our engineering is compliant to your job site specific building code.

Profit – In HiTen – Your gross profit is added after materials costs, delivery, engineering, and software fees.  Other systems add your profit before their fees or including GST, which means, apples to apples, your profit is less with other systems.

Online Shed Designer – Provide your customers with online design tools to easily design their next shed on your website and submit it for a quotation.  Our online designer reduces the time to design and generate a quotation by up to 90%.

Multiple Supplier Options – HiTen has negotiated supply agreements with the leading BlueScope Steel manufacturers nation-wide. Choose from Lysaght, Metroll, Stramit, or Stratco and buy Australian made!

Support – With ACT as our technology partner, we have a large support team that can handle your queries.  90% of the time, your query is resolved within two hours of receiving your request for support.

We make the process simple!